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Gelatin’s traditional reputation as a health restorer has hinged primarily on its ability to soothe the GI tract. “Gelatin lines the mucous membrane of the intestinal tract and guards against further injurious action on the part of the ingesta,” wrote Erich Cohn of the Medical Polyclinic of the University of Bonn back in 1905. Cohn recommended gelatin to people with “intestinal catarrh”–an inflammation of the mucus membrane now called irritable bowel syndrome. Interestingly, the type of gelatin used in follow-up experiments done on people with even more serious intestinal diseases was specified as a “concentrated calves foot broth.”37 This form of gelatin would have been rich in cartilage and bone and presumably provide a better amino acid profile than straight collagen. A 1999 German study also proved the truth of the saying “Man ist was man isst.” Their study was inspired by reports of the positive influence of gelatin on degenerative diseases of the musculo-skeletal system and curiosity about the “therapeutic mechanism and the absorption dynamics.” Mice fed radioactive gelatin hydrolysate were compared to control mice administered radioactive proline. They found that 95 percent of the gelatin was absorbed within the first 12 hours, and the labeled gelatin found in the tissues was similar to that of labeled proline with one exception–the absorption and accumulation of gelatin in the cartilage was twice as high. This suggested a salutary effect of gelatin on cartilage metabolism that would not occur with the ingestion of proline alone. They concluded, “These results demonstrate intestinal absorption and cartilage tissue accumulation of gelatin hydrolysate and suggest a potential mechanism for previously observed clinical benefits of orally administed gelatin.”51 - See more at: http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/why-broth-is-beautiful-essential-roles-for-proline-glycine-and-gelatin/#sthash.G5l30GLj.dpuf

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    First: You are awesome. Keep it up. Second: What types of gelatin do you recommend and why? Maybe the info is out there already. Third: If I click on the icon on the article page the says ‘1 comment’s with the envelope icon…….. Should I be able to read someone’s comment? If so, it isn’t functioning. Have a great day.