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I just found out about Rhonda and have listened to the Ferris and Rogan interviews and I’m curious about whether the brand of D3 matters.

I just went to the store and bought Vitamin Code’s Raw D3. It’s significantly more expensive per IU of D3, but includes an enzyme, peptide, probiotic complex that is supposed to aid bioavailability. Is this BS? Does my body care if I’m using the much cheaper Source Naturals liquid D3?

Thanks :)

Links to the brands - Raw D3 http://www.thevitamincode.com/Formulas/TargetedNutrientFormulas/RawD3/tabid/1897/Default.aspx

Source Naturals - http://www.sourcenaturals.com/products/GP1788/

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    @tothemoon Wow. So I looked up the primary paper that is discussed in the Forbes article. The variability in this paper is not about bioavailability (although this is another factor to consider), it is about the concentration of D3 actually in the pill. They measured the concentration of vitamin D3 in 5 pills from 15 sealed bottles of OTC cholecalciferol dietary supplements (1000 IU, 5000 IU, and 10 000 IU) purchased at 5 stores in Portland, Oregon. They found that despite what the concentration on the label said, the actual concentration of D3 was much different. I like Swanson brand for D3 or I like Nordic Naturals ultimate omega-3 (which has D3 in it). I use theses brands and my serum vitamin D levels are 53 ng/ml (which is good).