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As mentioned in the article, “Producing LPC-EPA is not difficult, and it can be incorporated into feed pellets that Subbaiah fed to laboratory mice. These mice had up to 100 times more EPA in their brains after eating 1 mg/day of the LPC-EPA in their feed for 15 days than mice eating plain EPA. Interestingly, the mice eating LPC-EPA also had two times more DHA in their brains.”

If production is not difficult, why am I unable to find the LPC-EPA omega-3 version for sale online anywhere? Seems like there’s hole in the market that isn’t being filled.

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    Just because it increases Omega 3 fatty acids 100 fold, does not imply that this will offer beneficial results. Omega fatty acids need to balanced

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      Very interesting, 250mg in a lysophospholid form is more effective than a bottle of fish oil. “The human equivalent would amount to less than a quarter of a gram per day.”

      “It seems that there is a transporter at the blood-brain barrier that EPA must pass through in order to get into the brain, but EPA in fish oil can’t get through, whereas LPC-EPA can,”

      Too bad there isn’t a product available in this form now. Sounds like supplemental fish oil is a waste of money for those looking to impact brain health.