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Just wondering your thoughts on this. It seems so implausible that it is being asserted that vitamins, which we need to live, can have no useful effect in the form of supplements. I’ve often shown your ‘anti-vitamin rebuttal’ video to people, and I’m assuming that the same information would apply to this recent article?


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    So… a bunch of MDs who don’t like vitamin supplementation rig a study by measuring things most of the vitamin or minerals don’t have much to do with – this case mostly heart disease. Then they say the supplements don’t work. That’s not science. That’s self-fulfilling dogma. Test their impact on other diseases. It’s liked doctors running a low-carb study then announcing it does not work. But then you learn their idea of low carb really isn’t low carb. I just don’t trust MDs any more.

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      That’s an odd article. I supplement with Vit D and do blood tests to check; sure enough, my Vit D level goes up when I supplement. So presumably that is a positive effect, no?