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A new study found metformin supplementation for 14 weeks significantly prevented gains in lean muscle mass and had a nonsignificant trend towards blunted strength gains in healthy people 65 years and older that engaged in resistance exercise (compared to placebo).

There are been quite a few clinical studies in healthy people without type 2 diabetes showing that metformin can inhibit positive adaptations that are induced by exercise.

More studies are needed to answer the question of whether metformin is beneficial for healthy individuals that are very physically active or whether it is most beneficial for sedentary people and people with type 2 diabetes.

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    Lots of variables to consider in this one. I personally have found that at a lower dose of metformin, 1000mg/day, taken as far away as lifting/working out time has not had a negative impact. In fact, strength gains have been made. It could be that these >65yo’s were just not ‘getting after it’ like they should.