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    I agree this is more political than science. Dr. Rhonda hasn’t heard this junk 50 times so I’m willing to give some slack. How many species are now extinct? And HALF of all existing species will die in 83 years? Big claim.

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      Very disappointed to see Rhonda including this nonsense in a science context.

      A Guardian story predicting gloom and Doom with Paul Ehrlich as the key charlatan??? Come on Rhonda. Do some research on Ehrlich. He’s been predicting the end of The world for 50 years.

      When even the NY Times calls you out on your doomsaying Bullshit you know its bad. Watch the video in this piece. The Times actually goes easy on him. He’s made many more bogus predictions.


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        Many of us think, “Oh this is really too bad for those poor animals,” but we don’t realize that the future of humanity is also at stake. In the backs of our minds, perhaps we unconsciously expect that humans will take over more and more of the planet, turning the earth into a giant farm to support humanity. The trouble with this vision is that we don’t understand ecosystems well enough to create an artificial ecosystem that can sustain itself. All viable ecosystems are natural, and all are enormously complex, especially at the level of bacteria. There has been just one attempt to create an artificial, enclosed and self-sufficient 4-acre ecosystem, and it failed spectacularly within weeks. Google “Biosphere 2”.