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Around 93% of the people receiving the intravenous vitamin C are responding to chemotherapy and radiation, compared to 40% who usually do. The intravenous vitamin C may also show encouraging results in a small sample of people with glioblastoma. Remember that oral doses of vitamin C (even liposomal) can not achieve the same plasma concentrations that IVC can, which are between 800 to 1,000-fold higher. Other studies have revealed mechanisms by which the IVC works including the production of hydrogen peroxide which selectively kills cancer cells. Normal cells can detoxify the hydrogen peroxide but cancer cells cannot. The IVC also inhibits glucose from being taking up into the cancer cells since it competes for binding to glucose transporters. The multitude of both animal studies and clinical studies on intravenous vitamin C seem like it may be a very promising cancer treatment particularly with the standard of care treatment. I look forward to seeing the results of larger trials.

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    What do you think about combining IV vit C and glutathione? This is becoming a popular combo in health spa “drop therapies”…