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    Keto & nutritional adjustments for off-normal (crazy) schedules. The question I have is when, and how often, I should choose to take glucose & ketone readings for them to be valid enough to drive dietary adjustments or “feedings”.

    Several times a year I have to reverse my schedule by 12 hours to support night shift work. The duration of those is from 3 to 6 weeks. It’s a 12 hour shift & just about everything will adjust by 12 hours except lunch. Lunch at midnight is the most prominent feature of the body “not cooperating”. My “day”, and all of the typical milestones, is from waking up at 2pm for supp’s & prescription medication. My commute starts at 4pm, the shift lasts 12 hours, and the commute “home” (this is a travel schedule also) starts at 6am. I generally go to sleep around 7am. Several years ago (when I could physically afford to burn the candle at both ends) I would squeeze triathlon training in to this mess. My schedule was not the worst that my coach had to work with. That honor went to an international airline pilot. I used a recovery metric tool called RestWise that would only work if I was on a conventional daylight schedule. Confirming with the developers that their algorithms fell apart when going nocturnal leads me to believe that some things just won’t work due to some rigid circadian limits.