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Study completed in 2008. Conclusion: The mechanism is unclear. Further studies needed.

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    Anti-epileptic drugs have been found to cause endocrine abnormalities and to interfere with metabolic pathways. That said, it is interesting to see the link with a keto diet here. Besides glutamate and K/NA voltage gated ion channel involvement, calcium influx is also involved in epileptogenesis. So, it will be interesting to tease out the culprits and then find the solution.

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      Having looked into it further there is a comment “Older antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) can adversely affect bone health by directly affecting the cells of bone formation and absorption or by secondary effects on calcium and vitamin D metabolism”. The study later reports that some of the participants had tried and failed 8 AEDs which could suggest that they are responsible for the continued adverse effects on bone health, rather than it being a direct result of the Ketogenic diet.

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        For speculative purposes, as the participants already had a “poor” rating does this show correlation rather than causation? Could the have a genetic predisposition to bone mineral loss etc rather than it being a direct result of the ketogenic diet? Or is there an underlying mechanism of ketosis that would directly influence the composition of bone minerals.