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This study was a review of other large studies and found that runners live on average 3 years longer than non-runners. The data was adjusted for lifestyle factors including CVD, smoking, overweight/obesity, heart health, diabetes, high cholesterol and more.

The greatest benefit, a 43% lower risk of death, was found from in runners who also engaged in other forms of physical activity.

The increased longevity among runners is similar to that observed in other, more broadly categorized types of physical activity.

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    Didn’t see or missed any data on lifestyle habits associated with running, is it possible they eat & sleep better? The data stated that the max benefit is under 4.5 hours a week, what would be the max benefit of HIT exercise per week (your estimate) for us non-runners/rowers be? Great podcast with Tim Ferriss BTW! Craig T

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      It is very likely that other healthy lifestyle factors play a role here and is almost impossible to exclude. But there was a dose-dependent effect, the more time spent running, the greater the benefit…which always makes the data stronger.