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    @carlsonbjj Major depression is one of those things thats related to general immune dysfunction, which may partly explain this. In fact, C-Reactive Protein, which is usually used as a measure of heart disease risk and a general marker of inflammation is tightly correlated to depression in general. It’s perhaps, then, not surprising that so many things that help with depression (e.g. omega-3) also happen to have anti-inflammatory properties.

    C. diff is one of those real nasty ones that fecal transplant has actually shown a lot of success in treating… even as much as a 94% “cure rate” (according to some sources). Which is a good thing, if for example, you have irritable bowel disease which makes it 4x as fatal. Fecal transplants are pretty gnarly, but on the bright side of things there’s smart people trying to find ways to get the bacteria that’s doing good things in fecal transplants and finding more palatable methods of delivery that aren’t super gross.

    Fecal transplants aside, though, theres evidence that regular acidophilus can have a very large affect the prognosis for c. diff.

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      Your favorite coconut oil seems to inhibit C. Diff (in vitro it seems anyway) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24328700

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        The anti-microbial functions are pretty wicked. Lauric acid kills MRSA, candida albicans (yeast), C. difficile ( bad gut bacteria associated with antibiotic use), p. acnes (acne-causing bacteria).