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    @rhonda Not related to topic, but since you don’t respond to emails, what is your opinion on Dandelion Coffee? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandelion_coffee

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      Wasn’t on my radar prior to this moment! What strikes your interest in particular… the coffee replacement or the cancer stuff?

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        What peaked my interest was the list of chemicals in the dandelion coffee, especially after I went on a road trip and had just listened to your ‘Micro Nutrient Smoothie’ video a few times. I really liked hearing your rationale and chemistry of why you add certain foods.

        What’s your opinion on the stuff within dandelion coffee (Flavanoids,Carotenoids, phenols, etc), and how does it stack up to let’s say, similar herbs, teas, or consumables.

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          I’m really not familiar with dandelion coffee.