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A new placebo-controlled trial finds that healthy adults given a broccoli sprout beverage high in sulforaphane had a 63% increase in excretion in the carcinogen benzene which is a compound found in air pollution and tobacco smoke.

The study also showed that the sulforaphane’s role in benzene excretion was dose-dependant. The high sulforaphane dose increased benzene excretion by 63% and half the sulforaphane dose caused an 11% increase in benzene excretion.

The high dose broccoli sprout beverage contained 600 μmol of glucoraphanin (sulforaphane precursor) and 40 μmol sulforaphane, whereas the half dose contained 300 μmol of glucoraphanin and 20 μmol of sulforaphane.

I have referred to other studies showing similar effects of broccoli sprouts on benzene excretion. To learn more about how sulforaphane increases the excretion of carcinogens like benzene check out the in-depth episode we did on sulforaphane. https://www.foundmyfitness.com/episodes/sulforaphane

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