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    I think this is a total conspiracy. The mainstream medical establishment has long downplayed the existence of helminths with woeful rates of detection, treatments that only scratch the surface, and hiking up the prices of the drugs treatments that are effective. Last few years we’ve seen that cases of autism involve large infestations of worms and eliminating them (requiring multiple treatments with antiparasitics and other techniques over many months) has a significant improvement on behavior and reduction in autistic traits. So now the information about parasite prevalence is starting coming out they’re moving to a different strategy of trying to say they’re good for us.

    Don’t you think that disgust response you have against them is there for a reason? I get that they can be useful in some autoimmune conditions. (Anything that depresses the immune system will help with autoimmune conditions.) But that still doesn’t make introduction of helminth a good solution. You want to restore the regulation of the immune system not depress it entirely! That’s like suggesting to give up breathing because there’s too much pollution.

    There are studies out there showing that parasites secrete toxin and mutagenic compounds. If you read Hulda Clark you’ll grow to appreciate they are also implicated in almost all diseases (not currently well accepted but I’ve come to believe she was correct with majority of her assertions).