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Fish oil supplementation associated with a lower risk of heart attack, heart disease, coronary heart disease and death from all those diseases. This was particularly evident at higher doses (updated meta‐analysis including 13 randomized controlled trials).

This study is an UPDATED meta-analysis that included the previously analyzed trials and 3 recently completed large-scale trials, which increased the sample size by 64%. In one analysis the REDUCE-IT trial, which was the high dose EPA study that found very large reductions in cardiovascular disease (CVD) were excluded and still reductions in CVD found.

One important thing that was explored in this updated analysis was dose-response relationships between fish oil supplementation and CVD risks. This has not been addressed yet. Because most included trials with negative results included patients at high risk of CVD and with advanced atherosclerosis, a high dose of marine omega‐3 supplementation may be needed to achieve potential benefits in this setting.

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