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Comments by generika
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    So, I began taking Alpha GPC (along with fish oil and vitamin D) which I have done daily since the time of my last post, about 12 days (300-900 mg/day). These 3 supplements have made an incredible differences in my mental clarity and ability, I have the t;t variation in the PEMT, which I believe is correlated with the lowest phosphotidylcholine production in relation to that specific SNP. The alpha GPC has a clear positive effect every time I take it. I have heard Dr. Rhonda mention that up-regulating certain neurotransmitters can down-regulate the receptors of those neurotransmitters, I hope this is not the case with Alpha GPC and acetylcholine, but I plan on cycling out the Alpha GPC with CDP Choline in hopes of avoiding that type of issue.

    It was already common for me to eat 3-4 eggs a day a few times a week after a workout, which I now feel was insufficient to provide me with adequate levels of choline. I feel so much better that I want to take Alpha GPC everyday. I will try to update when I am familiar with the effects of CDP choline.

    Any information (scientific or anecdotal) involving this type of polymorphism is appreciated.

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      hi, any updates on the CDP choline? I’m trying to decide whether to try GPC or CDP, I too am a t,t.

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        Hi Generika,

        Yes, I have continued to take CDP Choline or Alpha GPC over the last 10 months, mostly CDP Choline (Jarrows 250mg). I have perceived benefits from taking it that last in a way that allow me to not take it every day. The ½ life of CDP choline is quite long, 35+ hours, so I began taking it every other day, which I did for several months, I now take it maybe 2-3 times a week.

        It seems to me that the choline supplements have improved my cognitive function greatly and restored me to feeling more like I did when I was a bit younger. Life feels more novel and less like a burden. Also, I think I was having some inflammatory issues that I have addressed through diet, as well as getting more 5methylFolate, and b12 as I have a SNP in the MTFR gene that I think was also a factor in cognitive deficits I was experiencing. Choline seems to work on the same pathways as many of the b vitamins so try to make sure you are getting adequate levels of them all.

        I am in a much better place subjectively than I was about 1 year ago when I began addressing these issues, my cognitive function is better and I have relieved a constant pressure I was feeling in the frontal cortex area of my brain, I am sleeping better too.

        I am concerned with the choline supplements contributing to the formation of TMAO’s as are others who are interested in these supplements. I have felt nothing negative but would like to find a method to ensure that im not getting dangerous levels of these metabolites. If anyone has advice on that it would be appreciated.

        Sorry if my answer is long winded I just don’t want to give an incomplete answer and the context is very important to give you an adequate answer about the efficacy of these supplements.

        Since you are a t,t I am curious, are you experiencing and subjective cognitive deficits? How old are you? I am 29.