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Comments by Tedmonston
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    Very interesting podcast, as usual. Thank you! I’m curious about how long the hyperthermia sessions were in the experiments. How long does it generally take in a sauna or hot bath to reach 38.5 C and how long should one stay at that temp? Is it reasonable to use an oral thermometer to check yourself?

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      Ted, I was asking myself the same thing about the oral thermometer. Who knows if it would be reliable enough! Great question though.

      Having read the more recent paper on WBH from Dr. Raison’s group, it looks like the time it took each person to reach 38.5 C varied from person to person.

      Here’s the relevant section…

      Time to attainment of this core body temperature varied from patient to patient but required a mean (SD) length of 107 (19.4) minutes (range, 81-140 minutes). When core body temperature reached 38.5°C, the infrared lights and heating coils were turned off, and participants remained recumbent in the Heckel device and entered a 60-minute cool-down phase.