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Comments by lucabrazi36
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    Ive had an auto immune disease for more than 10 years and Ive found several remedies that have improved my condition. Get some Braggs organic apple cider vinegar and manuka honey. One tablespoon of vinegar and ½ teaspoon of the honey in a warm glass of water. Drink once or twice per day. The vinegar and honey help reduce quantity of the bacteria that is causing the imflammation by the immune system. I also take some beeno supplements every time I eat. The beeno has an enzyme that help break down fibrous and complex carbs. And the one most important to avoid is MSG which is the cause of all of these auto immune diseases. I bet you cant eat chiinese food or pizza. Its the Msg causing your nervous system to trigger intestinal nerves to activate intestinal muscles and move food down to fast from stomach to intestine. It depletes serotonin levels in the gut so the food will move to fast into intestine and then just sit there for bacteria to ferment. This then triggers the immune system to attack the gut causing imflammation which can then cause chrons or ulcerative colitis. It took me more than 10 yrs of me reading research articles and forums to figure this out. Aloe vera and gingerale every time you eat will help tremendously. The ginger will help start the movement of food so that it doesnt sit there and ferment. Hope this helps. Its helped me tremendously to the point where I ve gone into remission.