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Comments by Thiebal
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    I am curious about the fact that sauna use increases growth hormone. Would that mean someone who is trying to avoid a reoccurrence of Leiomyosarcoma should avoid saunas?

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      While some of these changes in the hormonal milieu are interesting and fun to talk about… it is probably not a good idea to extrapolate out too far, especially when we’re talking about medical conditions like cancer.

      That said, there is actually evidence out that that is suggestive that in the case of some cancers heat stress actually promotes apoptosis and, for that reason, may eventually be used as an adjunct to chemotherapy… but probably only under close clinical monitoring.

      This is not meant to be medical advice! Please consult your oncologist. If you have a potentially life threatening disease, it is absolutely not worth the potential risk to be experimenting based off of some random musings on the internet.