Don't Go anywhere Just Yet! Become A Patron of FoundMyFitness at Patreon


If you're looking for a way to contribute back to FoundMyFitness and, in doing so, become a part of a community...

you're in luck! 

Making a pay-what-you-can pledge at is a great way to do just that. All of the FoundMyFitness efforts, whether we're talking about videos, podcasts, website features like the genetic reporting, or otherwise, are enabled through the generous support of people like you through a straightforward pay-what-you-can mechanism.

Patreon is sort of like Kickstarter, but instead of culminating in one large project, it's a way of crowdfunding ongoing creative endeavors (like blogs and podcasts). One of the cool things about Patreon is that you can actually pledge really small increments, like $0.25. In a way, it's like deciding to make your favorite website your monthly coffee date. You can check out at FMF's campaign by clicking the link below!