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What is an aliquot? An aliquot is a sample taken from a larger whole, that captures the essence of the entirety. The Aliquots are short, members-only podcasts focused on single topics, curated and remixed from the best of FoundMyFitness.

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September 2022

  • #69 Can diet and lifestyle mitigate environmental toxins?
  • #68 Choline in metabolic and brain health
  • #67 Aliquot #66 : Sugar substitutes: Risks and benefits

August 2022

  • #66 Concerns with chronic NSAID use
  • #65 (Early Release) Rewriting genomes to eradicate disease and aging | Dr. George Church
  • #64 Benefits and risks of eating chocolate

July 2022

  • #63 Personalizing diet with a continuous glucose monitor
  • #62 How vitamin K influences cardiovascular and bone health
  • #61 How dietary fiber influences metabolic health

June 2022

  • #60 Can we negate risks associated with eating red meat?
  • #59 How alcohol affects sleep, behavior, and cancer risk

May 2022

  • #58 Eating a Mediterranean diet pattern for health and longevity
  • #57 Can aging be reversed?

April 2022

  • #56 Aging gracefully with exercise
  • #55 Dietary strategies to improve symptoms of autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis

March 2022

  • #54 Dietary and environmental factors that may impact autoimmune diseases
  • #53 Intestinal permeability
  • #52 Unconventional effects of omega-3s

February 2022

  • #51 What's the correct omega-3 dosage for maximum benefits?

January 2022

  • #50 New Year's Resolutions: Living healthier and longer, Part II
  • #49 New Year's Resolutions: Living healthier and longer, Part I

December 2021

  • #48 Insomnia: getting to sleep at night
  • #47 Aligning food intake with the body's circadian rhythms
  • #46 Mindfulness to prevent overeating
  • #45 Long-haul COVID-19

November 2021

  • #44 COVID-19 mRNA vaccines
  • #43 Protein consumption: Finding the Balance

October 2021

  • #42 Ketogenic Diet Part III: Tips & Tricks
  • #41 Q&A and Interview Mashup: Blood Tests, Biomarkers, and Lab Work
  • #40 Ketogenic Diet Part II: Longevity
  • #39 Ketogenic Diet Part I: Brain Benefits

September 2021

  • #38 Zinc's role in brain and immune health.

August 2021

  • #37 Lifestyle interventions for depression and anxiety, part 2 (adding to aliquot #8)
  • #36 Inflammation and Depression, part 2 (adding to aliquot #4)

July 2021

  • #35 Sauna use mimics the physiological effects of exercise

June 2021

  • #34 How fasting influences immune function
  • #33 Pros and cons of statins for lowering cholesterol
  • #32 Examining the risk for COVID-19 transmission during air travel

May 2021

  • #31 A powerful tool for assessing cholesterol levels: The ion mobility particle test
  • #30 Lifestyle modifications that enhance immune health
  • #29 Vitamin D & COVID-19

April 2021

  • #28 Health consequences of sleep deprivation, Part 2: Mental & cognitive health
  • #27 Health consequences of sleep deprivation, part I: Metabolic & immune health
  • #26 How mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Work

March 2021

  • #25 Coffee, caffeine, and sleep
  • #24 Keeping the brain sharp
  • #23 Altering the rate of your epigenetic clock

February 2021

  • #22 Q&A Mashup - Rhonda's personal supplement routine
  • #21 Exercise to Fight Parkinson's Disease
  • #20 Fasting and athletic performance
  • #19 Fasting as a tool for fighting cancer

January 2021

  • #18 The dual nature of IGF-1: Striking a balance for optimal health
  • #17 Time restricted eating for better metabolic health, part 2
  • #16 Time-restricted eating for better metabolic health, part 1

December 2020

  • #15 Autophagy: A cellular recycling program with implications for health and longevity
  • #14 Sleep is foundational to mental and physical wellness

November 2020

  • #13 Sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts versus supplements
  • #12 Food prep techniques that alter sulforaphane production in broccoli sprouts
  • #11 Unconventional effects of sulforaphane on human health: Part II
  • #10 Unconventional effects of sulforaphane on human health: Part I
  • #9 Sulforaphane: Discovery, research, and health effects

October 2020

  • #8 Lifestyle interventions for depression and anxiety
  • #7 How late-night eating dysregulates metabolism
  • #6 Genetic and lifestyle risk factors for Alzheimer's disease

September 2020

  • #5 Light exposure: Striking a balance for sleep and mental health
  • #4 Exercise, Inflammation and Depression

August 2020

  • #3 Q&A Mashup Fasting
  • #2 Q&A Mashup Sauna
  • #1 Q&A Mashup Pregnancy and child development

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“Great content and presented in a beautiful way. I appreciate that Dr. Patrick doesn’t appear to have any bias or hidden agenda. She just presents the best and latest data on different subjects and makes it easy to understand.”
by N.J.Leatherman
– via iTunes
“I’ve listened to Dr. Rhonda Patrick and followed her from a couple different and very reliable channels (Rogan & Tim Ferriss) and I am always blown away by the info she brings to the conversation...there’s a lot of it so be prepared to have to write stuff down but it’s useful, relevant and most importantly on a layman’s level.”
by Chris Facey
– via iTunes
“It’s amazing to get nutrition and fitness information from an actual scientist who has done the critical research! I’m so glad to have found this.”
by JeffDammot
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