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Here’s what members have to say about our Q&As
Sharon Regina's photo
Sharon Regina
I've been a premium member since 2019 and continue to find value in both the members' Q&A and the weekly Science Digest. During the members' Q&A, Rhonda curates questions and answers about implementing the scientific literature into our lives that the audience pre-submits. She's also on top of related questions during the chat.
Ann Hotaling's photo
Ann Hotaling
I’ve been following Rhonda for years now and am so glad I decided to become a premium member. The monthly Q&A live crowdcasts are amazing! In addition to the interesting content she develops, we also have the opportunity to ask questions which she attempts to answer while on the call. Most impressive… when my question doesn’t get answered on line real-time, I get an email from an assistant with an answer most of the time! Best patreon value ever!
Greg Root's photo
Greg Root
Dr. Rhonda Patrick is on the cutting edge of longevity and performance research. Her in-depth analyses and Q&As are the lynchpin of my wellness routine and bring a rational, well-considered perspective to an otherwise confounding field of science.
Alexe Bellingham Lowe's photo
Alexe Bellingham Lowe
When I’m looking for answers that are based on a thorough review of scientific research, I know I can get them through Rhonda Patrick’s Q&A sessions.
Thomas Tomazin's photo
Thomas Tomazin
Rhonda, you help me take control of my personal health. I do not have a healthcare provider that stays up to date on current research or latest treatments. Your Q&A and Science Digests help me to optimize my health and for that I am eternally grateful!
Arturo Castelo's photo
Arturo Castelo
I look forward every month to your Q&A and Science Digest. I have learned so much and the fact that we can ask you questions is so cool for me.
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Private Podcast - The Aliquot
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Watch previously recorded Q&As with Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Posted on 04/15/2024

Q&A #58 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick (4/6/24)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick explores collagen peptides, high-dose niacin and vitamin B6, avoiding nano- and microplastics in her latest Q&A.

vitamin k
time-restricted eating
Posted on 03/19/2024

Q&A #57 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick (3/9/24)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick explores blood tests to track health, statin alternatives, mitochondrial supplements, and vitamin B12 and autism risk in her latest Q&A.

vitamin b12
blood test
red light therapy
Posted on 02/16/2024

Q&A #56 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick (2/10/24)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick explores creatine, dairy's effect on polyphenols, eggs' health impact, and new weight loss drugs like Ozempic in her latest Q&A.

vitamin d
cold stress
red light therapy
Posted on 01/15/2024

Q&A #55 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick (1/6/24)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick explores iodine supplementation, choline & TMAO, curcumin safety, and red yeast rice in her latest Q&A.

Posted on 12/11/2023

Q&A #54 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick (12/2/23)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick explores melatonin's antioxidant properties, curcumin supplementation, antinutrients, and SARMs in her latest Q&A.


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