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Anticipated next Aliquot release: Apr 23, 2024
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Anticipated next Q&A Session: May 04, 2024
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One of the unique qualities of the FMF approach to providing information—something very few platforms can even approach—is our special focus on taking relevant topics and backtesting the narrative against what the scientific literature and lay journalists report.

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“Great content and presented in a beautiful way. I appreciate that Dr. Patrick doesn’t appear to have any bias or hidden agenda. She just presents the best and latest data on different subjects and makes it easy to understand.”
by N.J.Leatherman
– via iTunes
“I’ve listened to Dr. Rhonda Patrick and followed her from a couple different and very reliable channels (Rogan & Tim Ferriss) and I am always blown away by the info she brings to the conversation...there’s a lot of it so be prepared to have to write stuff down but it’s useful, relevant and most importantly on a layman’s level.”
by Chris Facey
– via iTunes
“It’s amazing to get nutrition and fitness information from an actual scientist who has done the critical research! I’m so glad to have found this.”
by JeffDammot
– via iTunes