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From the article:

In the trial, participants who received higher doses of SLN360 – a small interfering RNA (siRNA) therapeutic that “silences” the gene responsible for lipoprotein(a) production – saw their lipoprotein(a) levels drop by as much as 96%-98%. Five months later, these participants' lipoprotein(a) – also known as Lp(a) – levels remained 71%-81% lower than baseline.


Participants receiving 300 mg and 600 mg of SLN360 had a maximum of 96% and 98% reduction in Lp(a) levels, and a reduction of 71% and 81% at five months compared to baseline. Those receiving a placebo saw no change in Lp(a) levels. The highest doses also reduced LDL cholesterol by about 20%-25%.

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