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Hi…Do I negate any sauna benefits if I swim afterwards…I waited 10 minutes after my 25 minute sauna session and than jumped in the pool. It really cooled me off. Just want to make sure that if will inhibit cardio/mood change benefits from the sauna? Thanks!

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    No one is going to know the answer without a definitive study on the subject. However, given that most of the sauna studies come out of Finland, and many sauna bathers in Finland do a cold shock through some form of cold water therapy immediately after sauna, really cold water is unlikely to reduce the benefits of sauna. Perhaps the traditional cold shock is responsible for some of the the reputed sauna benefits.

    If you do not have any cardiovascular or other medical issues, you might jump in the pool immediately after Sauna. (Unless your pool is really cold, you’re probably not simulating the traditional cold shock (e.g. , jumping into a frozen lake). If you’re without medical issues, consider experimenting to determine what seems to produce the most endorphins and makes you feel best.