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An association between biological changes on the cellular level and both childhood adversity and psychiatric disorders has been identified by researchers. These changes in the form of telomere shortening and alterations of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), are important in the aging process.

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    @carlsonbjj I saw this study…what is really interesting is that while there is a decrease in telomere length, there is also an increase in mtDNA copy number. This usually is associated with mitochondrial biogenesis, which leads to many positive benefits. I wonder if it is some sort of compensation to the stress.

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      I would imagine magnesium (deficiency) plays a role here somehow?

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        Almost certainly. Magnesium stabilizes DNA, promotes DNA replication and transcription. Low magnesium might accelerate cellular senescence by reducing DNA stability, protein synthesis, and function of mitochondria. Also, telomerase, the enzyme that can rebuild telomeres, is magnesium dependent.