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High dose cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, inhibits the motivation to consume methamphetamine in rats. This suggests high dose cannabidiol may have the potential to help treat methamphetamine addiction.

This was an animal study where rats were given a pretty high dose of cannabidiol, 80mg per kg body weight which translates to 12.8 mg/kg in humans. Lower doses did not have an effect on methamphetamine addiction in rats. Clinical studies are still needed to confirm but this preclinical evidence seems promising.

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    The problem with quitting meth is the “crash” for lack of a better term. Your motabalism is use to being jacked up from doing meth all the time. When you stop it takes time for your system to reset. You become lethargic, all you want to do is sleep. That’s why people stay on it, you can’t function for at least a couple weeks and it takes much longer to really get back to your natural energy. It’s like being in a wet, heavy fog that weighs you down and makes the smallest task seem insurmountable.