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    I printed out this recipe when it was first posted and finally got around to actually making it! I love tart lemon recipes (whether sweet or savory), especially ones that are super healthy, so this low carb version was perfect for me. When I made it, I was short on a couple items so I improvised, but thought the improvisations were worth mentioning since they kept the recipe healthy and the results turned out great! I’d run out of butter and coconut oil so, for both the crust and the filling, I substituted ghee and MCT oil. And since Stevia is not my favorite flavor, I just used straight Erythritol. The results were delicious! I’ll definitely be making this recipe again. Thank you so much for posting along with the in-depth description of the various health benefits!

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      I’d like to hear you speak or see you write about keeping cell membranes “young”. I read about a membrane hypothesis model of aging somewhere, in or with an infomercial for a product that contained phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine, phosphatidylinositol, and other ingredients reportedly extracted from lecithin. Is it possible to rejuvenate the membranes of all of one’s cells just from consuming these substances?

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        This looks like a terrific recipe! I love lemon and cannot eat sugar, honey, etc., so I look forward to trying this and indulging in something that tastes great and will not cause my body problems. One comment, a teaspoon of stevia (which is in the written recipe) is very different from a teaspoon of Stevita (which is what is shown in the video). A teaspoon of Stevita has probably a relatively small amount of stevia and a fair amount of erythritol. If pure stevia were used in the amounts given, the tart would probably not taste anywhere nearly as good as using Stevita.