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I’ve been drinking broccoli sprout shakes for quite awhile when I heard that broccoli sprouts may affect the thyroid, specifically trigger hypothyroidism, so I added kelp supplements to my regimen to offset the hypothyroidism effect. Soon after taking kelp supplements I developed palpitations, specifically PAC’s (premature atria contractions). Initially I din’t know the palps were caused by the kelp supplements so I saw my cardiologist to make sure my heart was okay. After a series of tests my cardio said my heart was fine and asked me what I was consuming. I told him about the supplements and when he heard I was taking kelp he asked me why and I told him. He said stop taking the kelp because it has iodine and iodine has been shown to cause palpitations. I stopped taking the kelp supplements and the palps eventually faded out after a few days. So word to the wise be careful supplementing.

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