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Hi Rhonda

I showed a friend of mine the part about the HMO’s (Human Milk Oligosaccharides) and how important they are for the Gut-microbiome and immune system setup. She then argued against this fact, claiming that her sister’s children were more sickly than her children whom she did not breast feed. This one incident has now discredited you in her eyes - which is just ridiculous. I want to better educate her about these things and make her aware.

How do I argue this point to her?

P.S. see linked URL for podcast - 18:00

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    Hi Rhonda, I was wondering if you knew how to increase certain types of HMOs to help increase the bifidobacteria infantis you mention in this podcast? I breastfed my first son but he has 7 major food allergies (I think there are a number of contributing factors) but I am preparing to try for baby #2 and want to do everything I can to help prevent food allergies! Thank you.