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Not getting a great nights sleep? Maybe high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help… at least when it comes to insulin resistance.

HIIT before 24 h of sleep deprivation attenuated the increase of glucose, insulin, and free fatty acids in healthy males.

Several studies show that HIIT improves glucose metabolism, increases mitochondrial biogenesis (the growth of new mitochondria), mitochondrial function, β-oxidation (the use of fatty acids for energy), and also the levels of glucose transporters in muscle cells all of which improve insulin sensitivity.

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    I believe that the earlier HIIT studies did show that there were some people that were not genetically capable of improving their insulin sensitivity using this type of exercise. This experiment was done in England.

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      Can you link any of those studies? I’m not finding them and am super interested in what SNPs may regulate this. Thanks!