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    Be careful with over-consumption. I ate 3 oz per day for 4 weeks to combat some inflammation, which I believe it did successfully. However, during the 3rd week, over the course of 4 days I developed severe insomnia: 3.5 hrs per night in 3 sections. I’ve never had sleep issues before. I’m 39, was physically very fit and had no other health issues. It’s now been 4 months since I stopped eating them, and the insomnia pattern is relentless. It’s as if deep sleep has been switched off. Prescription meds, sleep routines, CBTi all having very limited impact. My thyroid check is normal. It’s ruined me. My case study might be an exception, but I would suggest a much lower safe daily amount than 2-4 oz. If anyone has any suggestions as to what might have been affected in my body by this, please message me: thisiswingy@googlemail.com

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      Ok, so I am eating about 4 cups a day because I ran out of food in my fridge and I only have bread. The thing is I am using mustard powder and I am eating these sandwiches with nutritional yeast, which as B-glucans , which is what avmocal estimates givs improvements to the activation of NQo1, of which I don’t know if they can say that the B-glucans are the reason because they are using whole mushrooms to get B-glucans. Is it safe for me to be eating pounds of this, I will be out of food for a week and cant find anything that dispersuade me from getting more sulforaphance than a thousand peoples lifetimes? Any help would be great.