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    He never clarified what a ‘stabilized’ form of NMN would look like. What would one look for to see if what they’re taking is stabilized and is there a way to tell if the NMN has gone ‘off’? Many thanks in advance!

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      After listening to Sinclair, I’m a little concerned about my sourcing for NMN. If it hasn’t been processed, stored and shipped properly it not only could be useless, but dangerous? DS stated that when NMN goes bad it can actually shut off sirtuins? That is scary!

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        Rhonda (or community) I noticed you mentioned during the discussion of NMN that you like to be sure you’re consuming a “live” probiotic - that it should be liquid and refrigerated. Is that new information since your comment a few years ago that VSL#3 was your favorite? https://www.foundmyfitness.com/news/stories/izwu7i