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Hello all,

Love the research Dr. Rhonda does and had a question. I am a 20 year old that has Chrons disease. I was wondering if there are foods that could help decrease the effects my disease brings?

Would love suggestions and tips! I am currently taking fish oil, daily vitamin, vitamin D, and pills requested for my diesease.

All the best, Steve

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    Hi Dr, Patrick!

    Does oil pulling or smoking cannabis break a fast?

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      @SteveMatthew One of the best responses I have had from people that have Chron’s disease is VSL#3 sachets every day (sometimes even multiple times per day) for a few months. Eventually, the dose should be able to be titrated down to a couple times a week. These sachets have over 450 billion live probiotic bacteria in them and have over 25 published studies showing efficacy including clinical trials in patients with Chron’s disease. The only caveat is they are expensive. You might want to talk to your physician to see if he can prescribe them to you and if your health insurance will cover it.

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        Ive had an auto immune disease for more than 10 years and Ive found several remedies that have improved my condition. Get some Braggs organic apple cider vinegar and manuka honey. One tablespoon of vinegar and ½ teaspoon of the honey in a warm glass of water. Drink once or twice per day. The vinegar and honey help reduce quantity of the bacteria that is causing the imflammation by the immune system. I also take some beeno supplements every time I eat. The beeno has an enzyme that help break down fibrous and complex carbs. And the one most important to avoid is MSG which is the cause of all of these auto immune diseases. I bet you cant eat chiinese food or pizza. Its the Msg causing your nervous system to trigger intestinal nerves to activate intestinal muscles and move food down to fast from stomach to intestine. It depletes serotonin levels in the gut so the food will move to fast into intestine and then just sit there for bacteria to ferment. This then triggers the immune system to attack the gut causing imflammation which can then cause chrons or ulcerative colitis. It took me more than 10 yrs of me reading research articles and forums to figure this out. Aloe vera and gingerale every time you eat will help tremendously. The ginger will help start the movement of food so that it doesnt sit there and ferment. Hope this helps. Its helped me tremendously to the point where I ve gone into remission.

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          Hi Steve Crohns is a tricky one as there isnt a lot of info out there. What we do know is the gut is by far the fastest regenerating organ in the body, i think its something like evrry 2 weeks you have a new gut! A few things spring to mind, ill just fire them out! A varied diet that has absolutely no additives, preservatives or anything added (ie only whole single foods) must be far better than anything that comes in a packet. So whole meats and eggs from a butcher rather than a store, no processed meats at all, whole vegetables, whole fruits, etc etc would be my first port of call! …so cutting out all and any refined foods and drinks. Glutamine has be mentioned over and over as being very good for gut restoration. Have a good varied gut microbiome, ie a range of fiber from different fruits and veggies each day, particularly later in the day. Cutting your eating (and drinking anything that isnt water) window down to 10 hours a day will set your body into repaire mode for the other 14 hours. Taking garlic daily and using ACV before meals will also help keep any lower gut bacteria from climbing up from the lower part of your gut to the higher more acidic part closer to your stomach, or will fix if they already have! Reduce processed fats, ie margarine and cheap nasty commercial oils and swap with more whole real fats like grass fed butter, cold pressed extra virgin coconut and olive oil for your fats. Good sleep ever night! Hope this helps!