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    Would sunscreen prevent the absorption of Vitamin D? Should lighter-skinned individuals not use such a high SPF for vitamin D absorption and then switch to a higher SPF after a specified time? If this is in fact an issue with absorption, then should darker complected individuals use sunscreen if only in the sun for a half-hour? Or would their exposure need to be more extensive before applying sunscreen? With all that said, would darker complected individuals still receive DNA damage from the UVA rays? Or are these rays reflected because of their darker skin?

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      Great episode. Questions: - would an NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitor (e.g., MCC950 or derivatives) be helpful in controlling inflammation in severe covid-19? - dysfunctional AMPK signalling seems to be involved in most risk factors for severe covid-19; would metformin be helpful for those who can’t/won’t exercise? - mannitol increases HSP70 and has been reported to restore the sense of smell in Parkinson’s patients; could it be helpful to recovered covid patients in restoring their sense of smell or possibly even with lung fibrosis? Would sauna help / be preferable (not everyone has access to a sauna, though)?