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    Hi Rhonda, I am highly interested in the benefits of sulforaphane. Do you recommend any supplements with sulforaphane in them? Thanks!

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      There’s a few out there. Sulforaphane expert Dr. Jed Fahey mentioned in the podcast we did together that three brands stuck out as having what they say they did: Avmacol, Thorne, and Prostaphane.

      I think Prostaphane is one of the most interesting, because this is a stabilized form of actual sulforaphane that comes in 10mg tablets and has been used in clinical trials. The real deal not a precursor. The problem is that it is French and not available in the United States! I would love to see this product in the U.S. Maybe you guys can inform them of American demand for their product and make it happen: [email protected].

      If you don’t mind taking the precursor (glucoraphanin), Thorne is a great brand. It is glucoraphanin only, however. You can combine non-myrosinase containing supplements like Thorne’s product with a source of myrosinase like mustard powder or by consuming fresh cruciferous vegetables and it probably enhances the effects.

      Finally, there is also Avmacol which adds in myrosinase. The amount of actual net sulforaphane you get from these products, however, can be affected by endogenous myrosinase activity. The amount of mg of actual sulforaphane you get when it’s all said and done, however, makes it cost prohibitive and less practical.

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        Hi Rhonda, I’ve been following all your public material on Sulforaphane and love it. I live in Brazil but I go often to the US so I purchase the seeds there and sprout in Brazil. My mom is off to France today, she is 70 years old, and I told her to buy Prostaphane for her own consumption. Prostaphane markets themselves as a prostate supplement and for that reason I got a little nervous since she does not need any supplementation for prostate. All I want is for her to get the benefits of Sulforaphane. Having said that, Prostaphane is the way to go right, despite the fact that they market themselves as a prostate supplement. Thank you!!