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    We keep talking about the sauna temperature. But isn’t it what it does to the body temperature that counts? It doesn’t make any difference what the thermometer says if your body temp isn’t going up. Isn’t that what produces the HSP (heat shock proteins) which is one of the benefits that we are looking for?

    Granted there is a big focus on detoxification but I can see that if you sweat a lot with either you are going to get those benefits. You might have to adjust your length of time depending on the height of the temperature but you could achieve the same result. But is that true for the HSP?

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      It seems strange to me that we keep talking about the temperature of the sauna. It would seem that the important thing is what the sauna does to raise your body temperature. I have been using both types of saunas and have found that my temperature goes up between 1.8 and 3.4°F whether I’m in my far infrared sauna at home or the more traditional Finnish sauna at the gym.

      Has anybody else been tracking their body temperature?