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    @feynman: I recently covered this topic a bit on the Tim Ferriss Podcast #237, but here are a few things I usually supplement:

    • omega-3 (4-6 pills depending on the brand)
    • vitamin D up to 4,000 IU depending on time of year, sun exposure and recent test value (I shoot for 40 to 60 ng/ml).
    • a multivitamin, usually Pure Encapsulations
    • a vitamin K2 MK7 supplement
    • … and a few other things which are covered in that podcast as well as the brands I prefer.
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      Rhonda, are their any particular supplements you know of that have been proven to increase testosterone levels? I take Zinc, Magnesium, a multivitamin, vitamin D, omega 3 fish oil and ashwagandha root.