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Comments by Shanzepp
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    I wonder about the applicability of transcendental meditation versus zazen or vipassana… TM is awfully expensive and vipassana methods are super cheap. Is this indicative of TM being ‘superior’ in some way? I know I have seen positive, similar studies in regards to zazen.

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      I agree. However, from what I’ve heard, only TM and MBSR have been used as a gold standard for training, as it’s the programs are so standardized. But then again so is a Goenka retreat. Also, I think it’s secular at the lower levels, which helps get it into these kind of institutions

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      So, to confirm, there’s no verdict out yet on WHEN the 8-12 hour window is best to fall during the day, as long as there is 12-16 fasting period?

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        There is some crosstalk between the master circadian clock regulator in the suprachiasmatic nucleus and the peripheral clocks (in the liver & other tissues). This fact suggests that the earlier, the better but it seems as though the main thing is to eat within that 8-12 hour period and fast for 12-16 hours regardless of the time of day. Satchin and I discuss this in the recently published round 2 podcast episode at 00:40:56.