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    I have a FAR IR sauna. I have measured the surface temperature of the IR panels with an IR thermometer and when it is above 140F recorded at the ceiling, the top of the panel can reach 200F. So the source of heat a couple of inches from the body can easily be 160 to 180F. And we are talking IR which can penetrate well into body tissue. My resting heart rate runs about 55 to 57. At the end of a session I have a heart rate of between 85 and 95. When I first started using the sauna my heart rate reached 100. I’m thinking FAR IR is doing the job. Bought and installed the sauna in Jan this year. I have lost as much as 1kg in one 40 minute session. I am more than 6ft tall and weigh approx. 175Lb, not particularly overweight. Also am 80 years old.