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    One downside w/ probiotics. “Bacteroides fragilis metabolises exopolysaccharides produced by bifidobacteria”

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      I’m Interested In Dr. Patricks' views too on this, how about choline like soy/sunflower lecithin vs Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline would these down-regulate the receptors of neurotransmitters ?

      Also,Phosphatidylcholine (lecithin) is metabolized by gut flora into three metabolites that show up at high concentrations in people who have had a heart attack or a stroke. We metabolize those bacterial metabolites into TMAO, a known atherogenic. A large 4,000-patient study over 3 years showed a significant correlation between TMAO levels and cardiac events and stroke.

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        Dr. Patrick,

        What is your take on the folate topic? dr Fuhrman advised against folic acid as many people can’t convert it to the active form. He strongly urges to use food as people can have adverse affects from the active form as well, like people with MTHFR.