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Depleting glutathione may cause Parkinson’s:

Mice induced to have glutathione depletion as young adults did not develop Parkinsonian-like nerve damage and symptoms, while those who suffered from the depletion in late middle age did develop a loss of dopaminergic neurons specifically related to PD.

Tthe study suggests that loss of glutathione in the affected neurons may impact on energy production in the mitochondria, the “power plant” of the cells. This appears to involve a particular enzyme complex called mitochondrial complex I. Enzymatic activity of this complex has been found to be compromised in PD patients, but to date it has not been clear how this inhibition occurs.

Ameliorating with intravenous glutathione:

A pilot study in 1996 in which a small group of untreated PD patients were given daily intravenous infusions of glutathione over the period of a month reportedly resulted in a significant improvement in disability.“

Note: Studies have shown sulforaphane may be able to increase glutathione in the brain by an average of 25%.

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