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Only 30% of pregnant women in New Zealand meet the international recommendations for DHA of 200mg per day. The mean intake in Western society is ~135 mg/d::dose per day (~2 servings of fish/mo). The American Heart Association recommends that adults consume 500 mg/d::dose per day of EPA and DHA (~2-3 servings/wk or ~8 oz of fish/wk). However, Many pregnant women are afraid of eating fish because of mercury…but a 2015 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study showed that eating omega-3 fatty acids from fish actually protects the brain from the toxic effects of mercury even in the developing fetus (which is the most susceptible to mercury effects). Atlantic salmon, sockeye salmon, sardines, oysters, and tilapia are all low on the mercury scale and have 2 micrograms of mercury per 4 ounces cooked. Whereas albacore tuna has 40 micrograms of mercury per 4 ounces cooked and swordfish has 147 micrograms of mercury per serving.

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