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This fasting-like diet also promotes regeneration of the myelin in mice with multiple sclerosis. In human patients with multiple sclerosis, the fasting-like diet led to improvements in symptoms if followed by a Mediterranean diet or a ketogenic diet.

Here is the fasting-like diet that humans were given: Day 1 – pre-fasting followed by Day 2-8 – very low calorie diet. Day 1-prefasting consists of an 800 kcal (about 40% of normal caloric intake similar to mouse Day1 FMD) monodiet (fruit, rice, or potatoes) by preference of individuals. On the following day patients were recommended to use an oral laxative, Natrium Sulfuricum (20-40 g). FMD consisted of 100 ml vegetable broth or vegetable juice with 1tablespoon of linseed oil 3 times daily, plus additional calorie-free liquids. The daily calorie intake was predefined with 200 – 350 kcal (10-18% of normal caloric intake similar to mouse Day 2-3 FMD). Patients were advised to drink 2-3 L of unsweetened fluids each day (water, and herbal teas) and to use an enema if tolerated. After the 7-day fasting period solid foods were stepwise reintroduced for three days, starting with a steamed apple at day 8. After the fasting and refeeding period a normocaloric, plant-based Mediterranean diet was maintained until study end.

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