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… a clinical trial in 60 overweight (BMI > 25), healthy adults, aged 40-60 years. After initial screening, the subjects were randomized into four groups with 15 per group. The four groups received, respectively, placebo, omega-3 fatty acid, probiotic VSL#3, or both omega-3 and probiotic, for 6 weeks. […] The probiotic (VSL#3) supplemented group had a significant reduction in total cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL, and VLDL and had increased HDL (P < 0.05) value. VSL#3 improved insulin sensitivity (P < 0.01), decreased hsCRP and favorably affected the composition of gut microbiota. Omega-3 had a significant effect on insulin sensitivity and hsCRP but had no effect on gut microbiota. The addition of omega-3 fatty acid with VSL#3 had a more pronounced effect on HDL, insulin sensitivity and hsCRP. Table showing statistics of the study.

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