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Rhonda, I got my comprehensive report in hopes of finding out why as a healthy athletic 35 year old I have a fatty liver. Interestingly enough, your report showed that I am predisposed to reduced phosphatidylcholine production that can attribute to fatty liver. Aside from egg yolk (I eat 3 per day) and organ meats, do you recommend any other sources that I can add to my diet?

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    I’ve the same finding. In addition, I drank heavily during my college years and 20s, which adversely affects choline.

    My plan is to increase my dietary consumption, take alpha GPC, and phosphatidylcholine. Rhonda mentioned on her Tim Ferriss interview that phosphatidylcholine is the most bioavailable form.

    Curious to hear everyone’s updates.

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      I’m Interested In Dr. Patricks' views too on this, how about choline like soy/sunflower lecithin vs Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline would these down-regulate the receptors of neurotransmitters ?

      Also,Phosphatidylcholine (lecithin) is metabolized by gut flora into three metabolites that show up at high concentrations in people who have had a heart attack or a stroke. We metabolize those bacterial metabolites into TMAO, a known atherogenic. A large 4,000-patient study over 3 years showed a significant correlation between TMAO levels and cardiac events and stroke. https://thedoctorweighsin.com/lecithin-the-dark-side-of-a-dietary-supplement/

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        So, I began taking Alpha GPC (along with fish oil and vitamin D) which I have done daily since the time of my last post, about 12 days (300-900 mg/day). These 3 supplements have made an incredible differences in my mental clarity and ability, I have the t;t variation in the PEMT, which I believe is correlated with the lowest phosphotidylcholine production in relation to that specific SNP. The alpha GPC has a clear positive effect every time I take it. I have heard Dr. Rhonda mention that up-regulating certain neurotransmitters can down-regulate the receptors of those neurotransmitters, I hope this is not the case with Alpha GPC and acetylcholine, but I plan on cycling out the Alpha GPC with CDP Choline in hopes of avoiding that type of issue.

        It was already common for me to eat 3-4 eggs a day a few times a week after a workout, which I now feel was insufficient to provide me with adequate levels of choline. I feel so much better that I want to take Alpha GPC everyday. I will try to update when I am familiar with the effects of CDP choline.

        Any information (scientific or anecdotal) involving this type of polymorphism is appreciated.

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          hi, any updates on the CDP choline? I’m trying to decide whether to try GPC or CDP, I too am a t,t.

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            Hi Generika,

            Yes, I have continued to take CDP Choline or Alpha GPC over the last 10 months, mostly CDP Choline (Jarrows 250mg). I have perceived benefits from taking it that last in a way that allow me to not take it every day. The ½ life of CDP choline is quite long, 35+ hours, so I began taking it every other day, which I did for several months, I now take it maybe 2-3 times a week.

            It seems to me that the choline supplements have improved my cognitive function greatly and restored me to feeling more like I did when I was a bit younger. Life feels more novel and less like a burden. Also, I think I was having some inflammatory issues that I have addressed through diet, as well as getting more 5methylFolate, and b12 as I have a SNP in the MTFR gene that I think was also a factor in cognitive deficits I was experiencing. Choline seems to work on the same pathways as many of the b vitamins so try to make sure you are getting adequate levels of them all.

            I am in a much better place subjectively than I was about 1 year ago when I began addressing these issues, my cognitive function is better and I have relieved a constant pressure I was feeling in the frontal cortex area of my brain, I am sleeping better too.

            I am concerned with the choline supplements contributing to the formation of TMAO’s as are others who are interested in these supplements. I have felt nothing negative but would like to find a method to ensure that im not getting dangerous levels of these metabolites. If anyone has advice on that it would be appreciated.

            Sorry if my answer is long winded I just don’t want to give an incomplete answer and the context is very important to give you an adequate answer about the efficacy of these supplements.

            Since you are a t,t I am curious, are you experiencing and subjective cognitive deficits? How old are you? I am 29.

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          I also had this finding. I am going to try Alpha GPC. Not really sure the best method to ensure I’m getting sufficient amounts of Choline.

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            I had the same finding on my report. I looked and found this on Amazon. Hope this helps.

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