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From the publication:

Most importantly, our results revealed that high-dose fish oil supplementation was able to induce the expression of Mfsd2a, a major DHA transporter in the retina on both transcriptional and translational levels, simultaneously increasing the Mfsd2a expression on the blood vessels after only three weeks of treatment. It was suggested that the low expression of Mfsd2a in the retina might be one reason why DHA therapy fails to alleviate the symptoms of diabetic retinopathy (DR) and that the combined use of Mfsd2a overexpression and DHA therapy may have synergistic effects. It is thus conceivable that the high dose fish oil supplementation can serve as a potential adjuvant in the therapies or as a prophylactic in the early stages of disease for the impaired blood-retinal barrier through the up-regulation of Mfsd2a expression.

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