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“Chronic kidney disease (CKD) subjects suffer from high risk of cardiovascular mortality, and any intervention preventing the progression of CKD may have an enormous impact on public health.

In this pilot study, 24 CKD patients and 20 healthy volunteers were recruited. CKD patients followed nutritional counselling and were supplemented with curcumin (Meriva®) for six months.

Regarding the [gut microbiota], after 6 months of curcumin supplementation, Escherichia-Shigella was significantly lower, while Lachnoclostridium was significant higher. Notably, at family level, Lactobacillaceae spp. were found significantly higher in the last 3 months of supplementation. No adverse events were observed in the supplemented group, confirming the good safety profile of curcumin phytosome after long-term administration."

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