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    @carlsonbjj I used to drink 1 cup of coffee and a cup of green tea. I am 100% green tea now. While there are some compounds in coffee that have benefits, the compounds in green tea are even better. Also, antagonizing adenosine receptors (caffeine does this) in the hair follicle causes hair to fall out. Green tea has caffeine but much less than coffee.

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      Hm that is fascinating. Is it biologically relevant at doses of caffeine typically consumed? This article seems to indicate that caffeine applied topically has positive effects on hair, but that is irrespective of adenosine and has to do with DHT blocking effects. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2775642/Espresso-follicles-How-caffeine-make-locks-grow-faster-hair-products-creating-buzz.html

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        I remember reading a paper that showed caffein accumulates in the hair follicle even days after drinking a cup of coffee. This is a side project that I plan on investigating in more detail.