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A special slow-release formulation of activated charcoal can protect the gut microbiome from the harmful effects of antibiotics while still allowing the antibiotic to make its way to the bloodstream where it can fight infection (small clinical study).

This formulation is called DAV132 and coadministration of it with strong antibiotics dramatically reduced undesired intestinal antibiotic levels by over 99% without eliciting any adverse side effects. Importantly, they found that DAV132 did not impact plasma concentrations of the antibiotic, ensuring that antibiotics would still maintain full activity against a patient’s infection.

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    Are there any alternatives to antibiotics that’s prescribed to fight off infection for oral surgery per se. As daunting it may feel to follow what’s prescribed, how do you make the compromise without risking any infection?

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      Wow, this is amazing, wish I’d known this 4 months ago. I have been trying to rebuild my gut microbiome since my antibiotics. Unfortuantely i now have gerd and have gain weight. I also feel bloated and get stomach cramps. Maybe you could write an article about rebuilding the gut microbiome. I have been taking probiotics, prebiotics, and lots of fermented foods…not sure what else to do. Thanks

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        If you’ve tried everything else and are still suffering, consider looking into an FMT. There’s a lot of recent research showing that this has long-lived beneficial effects on GI issues.